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Storm Incoming - West

Libby Scott, Storm Incomin - West 1 P1040119

Storm Incoming - West

P1040317 P1040355 P1040224 Dark Lands - North, Tulliemet

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Libby Scott is a Scottish based contemporary landscape artist. Her artistic focus is drawn to open panoramic vistas where she is captivated by the enfolding drama of approaching weather on landscape.


Libby is often found in the landscapes wild places with her rucksack of artkit sketching, painting and photographing the conditions and taking written notes of the wind direction, her route and surrounding environment. This is how her paintings begin, out on location sketching and painting directly from the scene before returning to her studio to complete the final pieces. She finds that this makes for works that are spontaneous, full of energy, movement and light. As she seeks to convey the symbiotic relationship between the elements of weather, land and the interplay of the hidden the revealed scene.


Using a variety of artistic processes - painting, drawing and printmaking (specialising in monoprinting and collagraph), she conveys her sense of journeying through the landscape and her feeling of being part of the scene. Her work is mixed media in nature - watercolours, inks, pastels and pencil on paper, as well as oil paint on wood panel. She finds that this enables her to express her intuitive response to the energy and enfolding drama of the landscape, capturing a feeling of light, movement and wildness. In her work, she seeks to evoke a glimpse, a moment in time and the sense of mood of the land and place.


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Current and Forthcoming Exhibitions:



Doubtfire Gallery Winter Show 24th November 2018 - 2nd February 2019


Moray Art Centre Winter Show 27th November  2018 - 3rd February 2019


Birch Tree Gallery Joint Show 2nd March - 27th March 2019


Perthshire Open Studios - September 2019